Oh Hai!

Well friends, I’ve started a food blog– and it’s really because of you.

See, I’ve resisted this for years.  I never wanted anyone to think that food is my greatest passion.  There are things more worthy of meditation.  All by itself, food is just something that eventually comes out the other end.

But food is never “all by itself.”  Food is also the table round which we gather; the glasses raised in shared memory and delight; and the contented head against a lover’s shoulder after the last candle is blown out.  It is the lips licked in anticipation of our own Wedding Supper; the veritable Feast To Come; that first step into the Garden of Eden and the first juicy bite into its fruit.

So this first post is raised to you, my friends, who show me each day that food is not what we swallow, but what we share.


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