From Haneda

(Written on August 6th, 2016– my last day in Japan) 

Tokyo. What can I say but that at the end of my fifth trip here, I am even more in love with you than ever. You are the city of my dreams and kin to my soul. I cannot comprehend how such a culture, with all its impractical beauty, even exists.



I’m sitting on the observation deck of Haneda, the outdoor roof, watching the planes come and go, all of Tokyo glittering in the distance, listening to the hum of jet engines, enjoying the breeze washing over me. Blazing days, cool nights. And wondering where this wind comes from.

(From the earth spinning? The sky falling? Or just everything somehow balancing itself out?)



Airport bar, the only one still open. Yamazaki 12 on the rocks. Leftover change, spent. Sleepless, about to board. Not a thinking drink. A quickie, a sedative; farewell, cheers. From this moment, forever linked with this place and time.

Thank you, Tokyo old friend. Let’s meet again soon.

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