Crack Slurp, v.1

I’m inspired once again by the brilliant Lady and Pups, who coined the term Crack Slurp and divulged its secrets to readers across the world. But for me, the DNA of Crack Slurp had already long been familiar. From Snack Planet’s cold noodles with black vinegar and wood-ear mushrooms in Chicago; to White Bear’s wontons in chili oil in Flushing, […]

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Salted Duck Egg Carbonara

Carbonara. A dish that lives or dies by the egg. When done properly, its one of the most sublime examples of minimalist, technique-driven cooking in the world.   Thankfully, it’s easy to master. Here’s how it works: Fresh Egg Yolk: Creamy fat. Guanciale: Smoky fat. Pecorino Romano: Salty fat. Fat + pasta water = an […]

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Falling Noodles 2.0

Hey! It’s been a while. Until I checked the date last week, I was quite certain that it had been just a few months since I last wrote. Has it really been over a year? Was Tokyo really 2016? It seems like yesterday; the Haneda breeze still feels silken on my skin. Then I remember: […]

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