Falling Noodles 2.0

Hey! It’s been a while.

Until I checked the date last week, I was quite certain that it had been just a few months since I last wrote. Has it really been over a year? Was Tokyo really 2016? It seems like yesterday; the Haneda breeze still feels silken on my skin.

Then I remember: San Sebastian and Barcelona in spring; New York and Chicago in summer. . . and presently, the coldest winter night I recall since moving to Hong Kong.

It’s been a year. Time to change.

Although Caution: Falling Noodles bears the visage of a food blog, it was always powered by the blood of a writing blog. Originally, I started this site to serve the writer in me, because I knew that if I didn’t have something to write for, I wouldn’t write at all.

However, that didn’t work too well. I’m a meticulous writer, perfectionistic to a fault, such that I don’t publish anything unless every word feels right. I’ve been known to withhold otherwise finished works for years because a single word didn’t feel right; because the right word must be out there somewhere, probably on the tip of my tongue, and surely any day now, it would come to me. As such, despite many unfinished drafts, 2017 passed without a post.

Today, I’m starting anew. I’ve registered the domain name (it’s just cautionfallingnoodles.com now) and revamped the layout, but more importantly, I’ve decided to refocus the content.

Fewer words. More posts.

One fabulous topic:

Welcome to Caution: Falling Noodles: THE NOODLE BLOG.

A new noodle-centric post every 2nd and 4th Thursday, starting today.

Won Ton Mein Noodles


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