Salted Duck Egg Carbonara

Carbonara. A dish that lives or dies by the egg.

When done properly, its one of the most sublime examples of minimalist, technique-driven cooking in the world.

Carbonara NEW


Thankfully, it’s easy to master. Here’s how it works:

Fresh Egg Yolk: Creamy fat.

Guanciale: Smoky fat.

Pecorino Romano: Salty fat.

Fat + pasta water = an emulsion.

I.e., All the flavor of fat in the form of a sauce.

(More a dressing, really, considering how little is needed).

And what a sauce! Devastating in its simplicity, a holy trinity of creamy, smoky, and salty; it needs nothing more.

But if I were being extravagant? Or wanted to test the limits of emulsification? I would add:

Salted Duck Egg Yolk: Umami fat. 

Lady and Pups uses a blender. I don’t have a blender, so I freeze the salted yolks and shave it with a microplane into a bowl, before stirring in the other fats for dat emulsion!

When plating, might as well shave a big ol’ pile of the glowy orange umami stuff onto the pasta too, along with plenty of pepper and pecorino.

Carbonara2 Faded-2

Carbonara2 Faded-4

Salted Duck Egg Shells

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