Komorebi Highball

  “Komorebi is an untranslatable word, which refers to the effect of sunlight streaming through the leaves of the trees, creating a dance between the light and the leaves.” Komorebi. A state of mind. An invitation to slow down, to look deeper, to be fully in the moment. Forget your destination. It is the path that […]

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Fish Drippings v.2– Red Grouper

Has there ever been a more beautiful fish? One so ruby-like, with flecks of sapphire? One so positively bursting with freshness, with such sweet ivory flesh, with so much juice to drip onto a bed of soft rice noodles? Let’s find out. I made the mistake (so you don’t have to!) of not soaking the […]

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“Ma-Gong” Silver Pin Noodles (麻公銀針粉)

Someday, I’m gonna be an old man. Say 92. Hopefully not pock-marked. But likely sun-spotted, crow-footed, maybe permanently bent over. But I’ll have a lifetime of honed cooking chops and at least one surefire recipe the kids ’round my block will be begging for:


(“麻公 銀針粉”)

(“Ma Gong Ngan Tsum Fun”)

And you can be damn sure that I’ll feed them all.

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